Preparing for The Cleanse

What is The Cleanse?

The Cleanse is an eight-day detoxification diet described in detail in the book Detox or Disease by Dr. Bill Kellas and Dr. Andrea S. Dworkin. Its purpose is many-fold:

  • To eliminate those foods to which people are most likely to be sensitive or allergic
  • To eliminate food toxins such as flavorings, colorings, and preservatives
  • To provide superior nutrition
  • To allow cleaning out of the digestive system
  • To reduce the yeast overgrowth which so many people have, as well as some other microorganisms
  • To help along many metabolic processes with the use of enzymes
  • To relieve unhealthy cravings such as those for sugar or fried foods

On the eight-day Cleanse, you will be eating permitted vegetables, oils, and seasonings on the first four days, and adding in non-gluten grains on the second four days. Enzymes, protein powder, and other supplements are also part of The Cleanse.

Thousands of people have done The Cleanse, and a great many of them have had gratifying and in some cases nearly immediate results. What will your experience be? To a great extent, how well you prepare will have quite an influence on how well The Cleanse benefits you.

The last supper

First off, here’s one thing you shouldn’t do before The Cleanse. Many people, knowing that their diet is going to get a whole lot stricter in a few days, deliberately indulge in those unhealthful foods that soon won’t be permitted. That kind of defeats the purpose of The Cleanse – you want to eliminate years of built-up toxicity, not just undo the results of your pre-Cleanse binge.

Mindset is important

How you view the upcoming Cleanse has some influence on its effectiveness. A person who sees it as the potential wonderful new beginning of radiant health is likely to have more positive effects from it than someone who grits their teeth and views it as eight days of deprivation.

When to start

When choosing a start date for your Cleanse, consider your work schedule and social events that will occur during the eight days. Keep in mind that people’s responses to The Cleanse can vary, from temporary fatigue and lack of mental clarity due to detoxification to a feeling of lightness and well-being…or no discernable effect at all. Since you may not feel all that well, often from days 3-5, keep this in mind relative to your work schedule or other obligations when deciding on your start date.

Another aspect of scheduling is to be sure you will have the facilities for food preparation that you will need – see the next topic.


It helps to have the foods you’ll need all ready before you start. Buy vegetables a day before starting the Cleanse. Wash them, cut them up and put them into serving size bags, so they’re all ready to go. Purchase prepackaged salads to help in food preparation. Make the salad dressing with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs. This dressing can be put on vegetables and grains as well as salads to add flavor.

Banish boredom

Let’s face it – green vegetables and grains can be a bit tedious, especially since you are likely used to a much more varied diet. There are ways to make the food more interesting; for example:

  • Use a countertop grill to grill vegetables without oil, adding oil after they are cooked.
  • Add grilled onion, cucumber, chives, cilantro, lemon juice and olive oil to quinoa on day 5.
  • Add mint, green onions, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice to rice on day 6.

You may well find that the diet isn’t as boring as you might have anticipated. Once your system has been cleaned out, even partially and after just a few days, you might discover that even vegetables and grains have their own subtle yummy taste and even sweetness.

Other kinds of detox to accompany The Cleanse

Purchase Epsom salt to have on hand for a warm detox bath. Although this isn’t dietary, it’s a recommended part of The Cleanse.

The Cleanse helps to clean out the digestive system, and so does a colonic; the two work wonderfully together. A good time to schedule a colonic is right after the eight-day Cleanse is completed.

Other helpful hints

Keep a detox diary, such as the one in the Detox or Disease book on page 218, to keep a record of foods eaten and symptoms experienced. This can help provide valuable clues as to what your health problem causes might be.

After The Cleanse

After the eight-day cleanse, you should follow the maintenance diet described in the book. It’s a good idea to prepare for this as well in your food purchases.

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