Center for Advanced Medicine is an integrated, alternative medical center. We have incorporated treatments within one location. Our purpose is to identify the root cause and use the correct treatments to facilitate the improvement of your health. Although each of these individual treatments or services can be helpful it is crucial to have a treatment plan that utilizes these services in the right order, the right way, at the right time.

8-Day Nutritional Cleanse

The 8-Day nutritional cleanse has several purposes. To begin it provides clues to the root cause of many problems….Read More


Center for Advanced Medicine is a complete medical center. We offer diagnosis, blood test, hormone testing and balancing, parasite testing, heavy metal testing, IV therapy and more. We help complicated cases as well as anti-aging and the treating the common cold.  Read More


The basic premise of acupuncture and acupressure is that a blocked flow of energy within the body causes impaired function of body systems. The treatments seek to restore proper energy flow and balance to the body so it can more effectively heal itself. Acupuncture is most effective when used in combination with other treatments…   Read More


NAET is one of the allergy treatment used at the center. This technique works on an energy level and does not involve injections of substances, making it nearly risk-free. Detoxing and enzymes therapies can also be very effective in eliminating allergy.   Read More


Anti-aging Medicine is the latest buzz and the current trend in our efforts to delay the inevitable, the aging process. But, just what is anti-aging medicine? Well, at The Center For Advanced Medicine, we do things a bit different.  Read More


If you ask, “What is the biggest difference that sets the Center for Advanced Medicine apart?” The answer is simple; Biochemistry and Toxicology!   Read More

Chelation Therapy

Heavy metals from mercury fillings and other sources are toxic and can cause a number of problems. Chelation is an effective way to remove these toxic metals from the body and thus control free radical damage. Chelation is also used to help with circulation.   Read More


Chiropractic is manipulation of the bones and joints, particularly of the neck and back. It is based on the correction of subluxations, caused by vertebrae being out of alignment. The misaligned vertebra indirectly pinches spinal nerves, each of which serves a different part of the body, including organs. Chiropractic can help patients with headaches, fibromyalgia, MS, digestion.   Read More


Our bodies are designed to eliminate waste matter, through the colon. However, due to toxin build up in the body, sometimes elimination could use a bit of help. Another purpose for a colonic is to aid in detoxification.  Read More


Detoxification is at the heart of what we do at Center for Advanced Medicine, as we have found that environmental, lifestyle, and dietary toxins are the most prevalent root causes of chronic illness. We have several services for Detox, Cleansing (dietary), Sauna Detox and Massage.   Read More


In homeopathy, a substance that in large quantities causes certain symptoms in healthy people can, in very tiny doses, relieve these same symptoms in sick people.  Read More

Hormone Therapy

When balancing the hormone levels in the body we do more than just correct mood swings. We look at what is actually suppressing the hormones, did you know that phytoestrogen and some chemicals can mimic hormones causing havoc that is hard to detect. Do not just take hormones for the sake of hormones come find out what the real problem is.  Read More

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses light/photons to accelerate the healing process of the body. Light energy penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various cells causing healthful biological effects. Read More


Lymphatic massage works the lymph nodes and glands, facilitating movement of toxins out of the nodes and from there out of the body. Deep Tissue massage releases toxins built up in the muscles. Massage is most effective when utilized with in a treatment plan.  Read More


Microorganisms are parasites, worms, fungus, yeast, bacteria, viruses and more. We are exposed to them all the time. CAM is equipped to run tests to get accurate results. Both the microorganisms themselves and the conditions that support them need to be addressed and eliminated.  Read More


A minute electrical current is administered through the skin and will adjust an electrical output back into the body. This corrective current normalizes and relaxes damaged tissue, thus allowing the body to return to homeostasis and heal itself. The therapy is non-invasive, non chemical, painless and is faster than traditional medicine. Read More


A major focus of healing is getting the proper nutrition. There are several aspects to this, all of which are practiced at the Center for Advanced Medicine.  Read More


Doctor of Osteopathy has all the privileges and responsibilities of a Medical Doctor. An OD sees and treats the “whole” patient and understands the musculoskeletal system.  Read More


A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn (20-120 cc) into a syringe with a small amount of citrate (an anti-clotting agent) then typically spun for about 15 minutes in a special centrifugation system that separates the platelets, blood, and plasma. The plasma-poor layer is then drained off and…Read More

Sauna Detox

Sauna treatment, also known as hyperthermia (high temperature) treatment, is often used to detoxify from chemicals and metals, and sometimes drugs and alcohol. Such a sauna and program are available at the Center for Advanced Medicine…Read More


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