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What Makes Us Unique?

Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) integrates the most effective solutions from alternative and traditional medicine.

Beyond masking symptoms

At CAM we have a unique combination of the best medical and alternative treatments available. This unique “marriage” of health procedures and clinical diagnosis is the key to our patients having success in regaining their health.

This means if you have suffered for years with only your symptoms being treated; the doctors at the Center for Advanced Medicine will search for the root cause of your health issues.

This unique approach was created when Dr. Bill Kellas was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in his late 20’s. He began researching alternative health treatments. He discovered a desperate need for a facility that was uniquely integrated with medical doctors, osteopath, chiropractic, nutrition, colonic, message, sauna detox, IV therapy and more. He and Dr. Mark Drucker founded CAM, bringing together all these treatments in one location.

Treating the root cause

At CAM once a patient is diagnosed and the root cause is identified, a comprehensive treatment plan is discussed with the patient. Our unique case manager will help to facilitate each treatment in the correct order. For example, if your issue is a need to remove heavy metals from your body, it only makes sense that all mercury fillings be removed before the heavy metal removal procedure (chelation).

We want to make you truly well

We have extensive experience helping patients with complicated and challenging health issues as well as more familiar health concerns, such as hormone balancing, anti-aging and helping diagnose the current flu going around.


  • If you have been suffering with symptoms that affect your health and quality of live for more than 120 days come to the Center for Advanced Medicine.
  • If you have been told they can’t find the problem but you know something is really wrong come to us.
  • If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired come to us.

If it hadn’t been for Dr. Kellas’ diagnosis and the loving care of all the doctors and staff, I would still be wheelchair bound.

— Jenny Rueb


I Got My Life Back.” I got very sick from years of chemical exposure … that were at times life-threatening. I removed the chemical toxins, changed my diet and added supplements, and made a number of other lifestyle changes … and got my life back!

– Andrea S. Dworkin


Regain Your Health.” I had been sick for decades with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Doctors that only treated my symptoms often made things worse. You found I had parasites, allergies, and heavy metals — and my health started returning. Go for the root cause — it’s the only way to truly regain your health.

– Jean Jordan


I was getting progressively sicker and sicker… I now have much more energy and feel better overall. I was a skeptic, but this really works — it gets to the bottom of the problem. If you want to take charge of your own health, this is the place to start.

— Vern Curtis


Policies and Paperwork

For important information and links to our new patient paperwork, see our Policies and Paperwork page.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to call us at (760) 632-9042.

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