There are several things to consider when treating Allergies. NAET technique and Acupuncture are effective modalities used at CAM. We have found in some cases, that when the body is cleansed of toxins and microorganisms or when the body is aligned and in balance, allergies can be eliminated. Allergies to foods can also be cleared by simply using the proper digestive enzyme supplements.

NAET, an allergy desensitization technique, is named for the doctor who developed it. The technique works on an energy level and does not involve injections of substances, making it nearly risk-free. It is also essentially pain-free, since no needles are involved. Once a treatment has been completed successfully – and treatment can be for an individual substance or an entire category – the desensitization is often (although not always or with everybody) permanent. This technique has shown its validity many hundreds of times over. The Center for Advanced Medicine uses this technique to clear you for substances that are needed to help detoxify you, such as chelating for metals or herbs to kill fungus.

The treatment

Physical contact with the allergen – in most cases in the form of holding a glass vial containing a solution of the allergen with its unique frequency – is a necessary part of the treatment. While holding the allergen, the patient has certain acupuncture pathways stimulated. The necessary immune mediators or antidotes are produced to that particular allergen, and these neutralize the adverse reaction to the allergen in the hand. In this way the brain is reprogrammed to tell the body the substance is harmless. Therefore it takes as much as 24 hours for the new information to complete the cycle throughout the body, and for the allergy treatment to be effective. To be on the safe side, 25 hours rather than 24 are allotted for the aftermath of each clearing. During this time, exposure to the substance treated for is avoided.

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