Resolving the Root Cause

Center for Advanced Medicine is an integrated medical center.

Our purpose is to identify the root cause and use the correct treatments to facilitate the improvement of your health.

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Our Clients Say

If it hadn’t been for Dr. Kellas’ diagnosis and the loving care of all the doctors and staff, I would still be wheelchair bound.

— Jenny Rueb


I Got My Life Back.” I got very sick from years of chemical exposure … that were at times life-threatening. I removed the chemical toxins, changed my diet and added supplements, and made a number of other lifestyle changes … and got my life back!

– Andrea S. Dworkin


Regain Your Health.” I had been sick for decades with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Doctors that only treated my symptoms often made things worse. You found I had parasites, allergies, and heavy metals — and my health started returning. Go for the root cause — it’s the only way to truly regain your health.

– Jean Jordan


I was getting progressively sicker and sicker… I now have much more energy and feel better overall. I was a skeptic, but this really works — it gets to the bottom of the problem. If you want to take charge of your own health, this is the place to start.

— Vern Curtis


From the Learning Center

Video Interview with Suzanne Somers

In today’s toxic environment, chelation is one of the most effective tools for detoxifying the body. Heavy metals show up as symptoms in the body. The toxic effects of metals can destroy different organ systems in the body. Learn what to avoid and how to repair the effects of what you cannot control.

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EMF Radiation: Beware The Unseen Danger

Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation.... We are at a critical juncture in this world-wide debate. The answers lie not only in the various branches of science; but necessarily depend on the involvement of public health and policy...

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9-29-18 Dr. Veronica Gasko Medical Informations Scientist at Metagenics talks to Dr. Kellas about pain.

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