It is vital to have the correct information when treating and balancing hormones, because hormones affect so many parts of the body. Hormones are not just rollercoasters that carry our emotions; they are the regulators of the body, chemical messengers traveling the blood stream. Because hormones hold the key to so many functions of the body it is important to balance them properly by running tests, checking other systems of the body.

At Center for Advanced Medicine we know that hormone replacement alone is not always the answer. Let’s look at mercury, mercury suppresses zinc and zinc is a vital element for the production of testosterone and progesterone. If you are given hormones to support these without removing the mercury, you’re not solving the root or the real problem. Your body may stop producing the hormone it needs naturally. This creates a dependency on hormone therapy that maybe completely unnecessary. We won’t let that happen. Our goal is to find the problem and give you a plan to correct the underlying issue so that your hormones work properly and efficiently.

Hormones regulate our temperature, menstrual cycle, emotions, thyroid, energy, cellular energy, immune system, controls chemicals, mineral balances and so much more. Do you really want to just take hormones without finding the reason for your hormone imbalance?

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