Why a colonic may be needed?

Our bodies are designed to eliminate waste matter, dietary and otherwise, through the colon, which is essentially the sewer system of the body. However, sometimes elimination could use a bit of help. With a diet of complex carbohydrates, vegetables, oils, and plenty of water, along with sufficient exercise, the colon eliminates waste on its own. However, the standard American diet is full of refined starches, sugars, and dairy products, and often contains little fiber, insufficient water, and many people get little or no exercise. Because of this, waste matter can build up on the colon walls, causing bloating, constipation, and reduced absorption of nutrients, as well as releasing toxins into the body. A colonic can help to release this accumulated waste, which can be years or even decades old.

Another purpose for a colonic is to aid in detoxification. The colon is a major route of detoxification, as toxins accumulated and released by the liver exit via this route. A colonic can stimulate the dumping of toxins by the liver as well as the flushing out of these toxins, especially chemicals and heavy metals. It is a wonderful adjunct to other detoxification methods, and when done following a detox diet or liver flush can boost the effectiveness of these.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, another word for a colonic, utilizes warm water to soften any hardened fecal matter, help to evacuate it, and irrigate the colon. It is done by a trained practitioner. Colon massage during the procedure helps with this process. Since a colonic reaches most of the colon, it is more thorough than an enema, which reaches only the lower part of the colon.

The colonic experience

Unlike the case with an enema, when you have a colonic you can lie back and let the practitioner administer it. You won’t be filled to bursting, nor will you have to make a mad dash for the toilet. Your only role is to provide feedback as needed. The colonic typically lasts 45-55 minutes.

During the procedure you can wear any or all of your upper clothing, and you will be wearing a gown as well. The colonic therapist is well aware that this is a socially sensitive area and conducts herself accordingly, so there is rarely any embarrassment.

An implant of beneficial bacteria (acidophilus and bifidus), minerals, herbs, or nutrients might be done. Minerals such as potassium and calcium are stored in the colon and may be flushed out with the colonic and so they are often replaced.

One of the benefits of a colonic is that the digestive system tends to work better after the colonic or a series of colonics than before, as impediments to proper function are washed away and peristalsis – the natural motion of the intestinal walls – is stimulated.

After the colonic it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

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