The advantage of being a Medical Center is that we are able to offer medical treatments and medical testing.

Diagnosing properly is essential to understanding what is wrong and establishing a treatment plan for the patient.

Blood Test will show diseases, virus and bacteria. When a blood test falls within “normal” range many medical professionals will not see a problem. However at CAM we are looking for patterns and deviation from norms within the ranges, these patterns indicate imbalances within the biochemistry of the body which helps us detect the root cause.

Parasite Testing is usually necessary to determine if parasites or worms are present and need to be treated. There are only a few laboratories in the United States that know how to accurately test for microorganisms and their causes.

Hormone Testing subtle imbalances of hormones can result in serious health symptoms that otherwise go undetected. This is why it is so important to know when and how to properly test for hormone levels.

Heavy Metal Testing Mercury and Lead have been removed from the paints we purchase at the store, however they linger in our bodies without us knowing, causing nerve and brain damage, without knowing how much we have in our system we cannot address and be free of serious health symptoms.

IV Therapy can be a very useful therapy to help with heart disease, removal of toxic metals in the body, circulation as well as other health concerns.

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