“I Got My Life Back.”  As a chemist who worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry, I believed that medicine, science, and biochemistry had all the answers — until I got very sick from years of chemical exposure. I was early bedridden from chronic fatigue and from chemical sensitivities that were at times life-threatening. I removed the chemical toxins through sauna, had my toxic dental metals removed, changed my diet and added supplements, and made a number of other lifestyle changes. I removed the toxins from my life and got my life back!

— Andrea S. Dworkin

“25 Again – Beyond Classical Chiropractic.”  My closest friend had a systemic problem that doctors could not solve, but she got immediate help at Center for Advanced Medicine and recommended that I go as well. I was depressed, overweight, fatigued, had neck pain from whiplash, and I would wake up at night filled with anxiety. Although I had had chiropractic treatments elsewhere for 6 months and still had problems, after two or three structural treatments at CAM the pain was nearly gone. I have recovered energy, mental sharpness, and body agility. I can move so easily that I feel like I’m 25 again. I have a new lease on life.

— Marie Moore

“Regain Your Health.”  I had been sick for decades with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Doctors that only treated my symptoms often made things worse. When the root causes were identified and treated — in my case these were parasites, allergies, and heavy metals — my health started returning. Go for the root cause — it’s the only way to truly regain your health.

— Jean Jordan

“From Painful Crawling To Vibrant Climbing.” My fatigue was such that I nearly crawled into the clinic. After getting the mercury out of my teeth and chelated out of my body, along with colonics and nutritional supplements, I have an enormous increase in energy and can lead a normal life. Getting your health back can take a long time and you must be diligent, but this information restores health.

— Flo Teters

“Arthritis and Allergies Gone. My Circulation is Back.” My allergies are gone, circulation restored, and arthritic pain removed, and now I have a sensible diet to keep what I’ve gained in renewed good health. Unbelievably, after 25 years my neck pain is nearly gone. The program has given me new health and life.

— Garet Gunther

“Skeptic Convinced – More Energy, Feel Better.” I was getting progressively sicker and sicker, and no regular doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. I had no energy, and although I knew I had candida (yeast), conventional treatment didn’t help. Once I found out that dental mercury was a major cause of my problems, I had my fillings removed and had chelation done. My mercury levels went from 34 to 9 in a few months (normal is less than 1). I now have much more energy and feel better overall. I was a skeptic, but this really works — it gets to the bottom of the problem. If you want to take charge of your own health, this is the place to start.

— Vern Curtis

“But What is Causing My Pain?” In 2007 I became bedridden, unable to care for myself, and wheelchair bound. It began with severe pain in my muscles progressing to a low-grade fever and fatigue. I had tests for everything from cancer to Lyme Disease! I had CAT scans, MRIs and so many blood draws, it was hard to find a good vein. I sent all my tests to Dr. Kellas and early on he said, “I think you have a bone infection under a tooth with a root canal, and silicone leaking from breast implants” (following breast cancer surgery).

At my last visit to the medical specialist, he handed me a prescription for 200 pain pills and said, “See me in a month”. I said, “But we haven’t found out what’s causing this.” He had no answer.

I made the very difficult decision to have my tooth pulled to get to the bone infection. Yes, Dr. Kellas was correct, there was bone infection in my mouth. I also had my breast implants removed and tests revealed I did have silicone in my body.

I went to the Center for Advanced Medicine and after 3 weeks of sauna detox, IV therapy, colonics, cleansing diet, and more I got well. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Kellas’ diagnosis and the loving care of all the doctors and staff, I would still be wheelchair bound.

— Jenny Rueb

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