March, 2019

“My recent visit as a cancer patient and RN had left me with new hope and courage as I wage war on this disease (Breast Cancer)—while traditional medicine wishes to push me into conventional toxic treatments which can be fatal in themselves. Your clinic provides common sense strategies to actually regain health, change root causes, and encourage patient self-advocacy and power. Thank you!
To Dr. Nelson for Bioscan and your kind care to find more puzzle pieces. We may soon be moving from our glyphosate-GMO location as well—life changing decisions to make.
To Heather Gervasi for tireless encouragement, coordination, squeezing me into schedule, and ensuring my needs be met—no matter what!
To Cher Pride!  Excellent nurse, wonderful encouraging, positive, soulful, joy in her work. She provided very competent clear technique and instruction in doctor-ordered IV treatment. I had no bruising, no pain, no phlebitis and safe care. I should know—as I myself used to be the IV nurse on a team giving chemo and other infusion and traveled all over the USA. I’ve had a lot of experience in IVs—she did an outstanding job!
My encounter with Dr. Drucker MD was brief, but he was supportive and humble –I appreciated that.
Overall, I would recommend this Clinic to anyone interested in treated root cause of disease rather than caving in to Big Pharma’s patented synthetic chemical drug toxic approaches—I’m returning to Florida with more tools to fight my way back to health! Thank you, again!”
~Bonnie H., RN, BSN, LNC

“Arthritis and Allergies Gone. My Circulation is Back.” My allergies are gone, circulation restored, and arthritic pain removed, and now I have a sensible diet to keep what I’ve gained in renewed good health. Unbelievably, after 25 years my neck pain is nearly gone. The program has given me new health and life.

— Garet Gunther


I highly recommend Dr. Mark Drucker. He has always taken good care of me and my family. I know he can help you too.

— Micheal J.


Everyone at CAM is wonderful, from the girls up front, all the nurses and admin team- they all treat you like family and genuinely care about you. I have been seeing Dr. Drucker routinely, he is the best! I also have seen Dr. Nelson, Dr. LaBeau, Dr. Sanderson, Judy, Dr. Brian Dr. Adam and Diane, they are absolutely awesome and all have special gifts to help you heal individually. If you want to get to the root cause of your health challenge, this is the team to help you! I have sent many of my clients here and they all had a fantastic experience too!

Thank you Center for Advanced Medicine!

— Christine Van Tassel 🙂


“I Got My Life Back.”  As a chemist who worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry, I believed that medicine, science, and biochemistry had all the answers — until I got very sick from years of chemical exposure. I was early bedridden from chronic fatigue and from chemical sensitivities that were at times life-threatening. I removed the chemical toxins through sauna, had my toxic dental metals removed, changed my diet and added supplements, and made a number of other lifestyle changes. I removed the toxins from my life and got my life back!

— Andrea S. Dworkin


Our lives have CHANGED drastically ever since being treated by Dr. Nelson and Dr. Drukker. My daughter was on the Doctors TV show for an intense skin condition (extreme eczema). We have been through a handful of doctors, ER visits and dermatologisy visits with NO answer but the runaround to refer to the next “specialist”. She used to scratch until she bled, cry continuously throughout the night and cause us many sleepless and rough nights. The Doctors TV show helped us eliminate the infection, but Center of Advanced medicine was able to identify the causes of her skin reaction.

With the help of NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques), nutrition/dietary/supplement addition (and the right skin care lotion), her skin cleared, her sleep was restored and we were able to gain our normal lives back.

Fast forward a few years, we are now bringing our other son for treatment. We have experienced noticeable results and I am forever grateful to have met them.

We look forward to the entire family to complete treatment so we can be immune strong (Bye Bye Illness!). Thank you for helping us through this journey, genuinely caring about our livelihood and for being so awesome! The girls in the front have been amazing and receptive like family. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

— Elaine M., San Diego


I am so thankful for The Center for Advanced Medicine! I was referred by several friends years ago and I am so glad to have Dr. Drucker and Dr. Fogelman on our team! Dr. Fogleman has helped our oldest son with a foot problem, our youngest daughter with headaches and back pain, and my mother after fall. Dr. Drucker has helped my mother, youngest daughter, oldest daughter, son in law and me to feel the very best we can! They care about the whole person and the whole body. They don’t chase down a list of symptoms; they find and address the problem.

— Cindy G.


“Regain Your Health.”  I had been sick for decades with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Doctors that only treated my symptoms often made things worse. When the root causes were identified and treated — in my case these were parasites, allergies, and heavy metals — my health started returning. Go for the root cause — it’s the only way to truly regain your health.

— Jean Jordan


“From Painful Crawling To Vibrant Climbing.” My fatigue was such that I nearly crawled into the clinic. After getting the mercury out of my teeth and chelated out of my body, along with colonics and nutritional supplements, I have an enormous increase in energy and can lead a normal life. Getting your health back can take a long time and you must be diligent, but this information restores health.

— Flo Teters


“25 Again – Beyond Classical Chiropractic.”  My closest friend had a systemic problem that doctors could not solve, but she got immediate help at Center for Advanced Medicine and recommended that I go as well. I was depressed, overweight, fatigued, had neck pain from whiplash, and I would wake up at night filled with anxiety. Although I had had chiropractic treatments elsewhere for 6 months and still had problems, after two or three structural treatments at CAM the pain was nearly gone. I have recovered energy, mental sharpness, and body agility. I can move so easily that I feel like I’m 25 again. I have a new lease on life.

— Marie Moore


If you are in pain or wanting to increase your high performance as an athlete look no further than the Equiscope! It is non invasive and the results are immediate. Today’s session was amazing as always with Billy! I have severe fibromyalgia and came in barley able to walk and left walking normally! The range of motion in my neck is so much better too! Thanks Billy!

— Stephanie S.


My family and I have been coming to Center for Advanced Medicine on and off for years and the positive impact to our lives is immeasurable. I’ve since enjoyed their supplement department – top quality supplements! What I value the most is their goal to get to the root cause rather than throwing drugs at their patients and sending them on their way. I recently met with the Practice Administrator, Heather Gervasi, and it made me reflect on coming back for a check-up and as well, to bring in one of my kids to treat some allergy concerns. Big shout out to Dr. Nelson for all they’ve done for me in the past and who are phenomenal at what they do and really care about their patients!

— Corrie B. Encinitas


“Skeptic Convinced – More Energy, Feel Better.” I was getting progressively sicker and sicker, and no regular doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. I had no energy, and although I knew I had candida (yeast), conventional treatment didn’t help. Once I found out that dental mercury was a major cause of my problems, I had my fillings removed and had chelation done. My mercury levels went from 34 to 9 in a few months (normal is less than 1). I now have much more energy and feel better overall. I was a skeptic, but this really works — it gets to the bottom of the problem. If you want to take charge of your own health, this is the place to start.

— Vern Curtis


Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) has been an important part of health support. This clinic has provided unique and practical support for my various health issues. On more than one occasion, CAM has provided the diagnosis and treatment to address and solve various issues I’ve had, and they were difficult for Western Medicine to solve and CAM did it in a very short time so I could get back to a more healthy life.

When traditional Western medicine was unable to solve my problems, CAM was there to encourage me while they resolved the mysteries of my health. CAM has a fully functional clinic featuring board certified medical doctor, chiropractic, dental, and various therapy treatment specialist. Additionally, they offer a supplement center as part of their integrated treatment plan.

From nagging problems to serious health issues, I trust CAM for my care.

— Ken H.


“But What is Causing My Pain?” In 2007 I became bedridden, unable to care for myself, and wheelchair bound. It began with severe pain in my muscles progressing to a low-grade fever and fatigue. I had tests for everything from cancer to Lyme Disease! I had CAT scans, MRIs and so many blood draws, it was hard to find a good vein. I sent all my tests to Dr. Kellas and early on he said, “I think you have a bone infection under a tooth with a root canal, and silicone leaking from breast implants” (following breast cancer surgery).

At my last visit to the medical specialist, he handed me a prescription for 200 pain pills and said, “See me in a month”. I said, “But we haven’t found out what’s causing this.” He had no answer.

I made the very difficult decision to have my tooth pulled to get to the bone infection. Yes, Dr. Kellas was correct, there was bone infection in my mouth. I also had my breast implants removed and tests revealed I did have silicone in my body.

I went to the Center for Advanced Medicine and after 3 weeks of sauna detox, IV therapy, colonics, cleansing diet, and more I got well. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Kellas’ diagnosis and the loving care of all the doctors and staff, I would still be wheelchair bound.

— Jenny Rueb


I have had bad knees for years and it has progressed to not being able to walk or stand for very long. I am currently scheduled for partial knee replacements of both knees on August 22, 2018, but after seeing Billy 2 days in a row for Electrotherapy, my pain had decreased immensely and I am considering canceling my surgery date. Today I had my 3rd treatment and will continue as Billy recommends. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking at surgery, contact CAM, in Encinitas, at (760) 632-9042 and make an appointment with Billy. You’ll be amazed and glad you did.

— Pam Toth


Five years ago, our five year old daughter had severe allergies to multiple foods and entire food groups. We consulted with the allergy doctors through our health insurance. They recommended over the counter allergy medicine as well as inhaled steroids. I cannot tell you the unbelievable amounts of allergy medicine that we gave to our daughter. We did not want to give her steroids but finally gave in when the excess fluid was impairing her ability to hear. The steroids made her stomach burn and she would not eat anything at whatever meal happened after she took the steroids. We stopped the steroids after three days and just tried to avoid the trouble foods. A friend recommended the Center for Advanced Medicine.

I was skeptical at first since I had always been a very traditional medicine person but we were desperate to find some relief for our daughter so we made an appointment. I wish we had gone a year earlier! Our daughter began receiving treatments and we saw immediate improvement in each area treated. For example, we had BBQ sauce which had vinegar in it on Monday. Her nose became stuffed up immediately and she had to breathe through her nose. This always made it difficult for her to sleep. She was treated Tuesday and then we had the BBQ sauce again on Thursday and she had no reaction whatsoever. We were shocked and we were completely sold on the NAET treatments. My husband also had severe food allergies and was not able to eat any grains/gluten for years without having severe stomach pains almost immediately after eating grains. He received a treatment for grains and then a few days later, we were out at dinner and he reached for a dinner roll.

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to eat the roll. He ate half of it and had no pain at all ever. I have had severe allergies to feathers since I was a teenager. When we go to hotels, I have to bring my own pillow and then lay towels between me and the feather comforter. I would become itchy all over my body if I slept under a down comforter. I received the feather treatment and slept under the comforter a few days later. I did start to become itchy but it wasn’t as severe as before.

I went in for my next treatment and the doctor did the muscle testing. He hesitated and then said, “It didn’t work.” Keep in mind that I did not say anything to him about my reaction. He could just tell that my body had not completed been cleared of the feather allergy. I could go on and on about the various experiences and successes that we have had with clearings. I highly recommend the Center for Advanced Medicine!

— Dana B.


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