Sauna Detox

Sauna Detox

Center for Advanced Medicine offers a complete sauna detox program. We believe sauna detox is a valuable modality to assisting patients in their path to wellness. It is vital that sauna detox is done within a clinical environment that allows for monitoring for any adverse effects, and includes much more than simply sitting in a sauna.

The sauna at our facility is a dry heat sauna rather than infrared sauna. Infrared heat excites the electrons inside the cell which can cause free radical damage.

What is sauna for?

Sauna treatment, also known as hyperthermia (high temperature) treatment, is often used to sweat out chemicals and metals, and sometimes drugs and alcohol.

The high, dry heat helps to remove toxins from the storage depots within the body – the fat and lymph nodes especially, but also the muscles, liver, and elsewhere. The toxins are then removed from the body via sweat, which is stimulated by the heat, as well as via breathing, the digestive system, and urine.

How a detoxification sauna is different?

The sauna itself differs in many important respects from a standard health-club sauna:

  • It is heated electrically for minimal toxic effects, rather than gas, infrared, or microwave.
  • It is built of untreated wood.
  • It vents toxins from yourself and others to the outside rather than recirculating them.
  • Oxygen is fed into the sauna to accommodate heat-activated increased oxygen need.
  • It has a glass window in the door for monitoring and safety.

What is included in a complete sauna program?

In addition to a specially equipped sauna, a complete sauna program includes:

  • A complete practitioner workup prior to the sauna, with checkups as needed.
  • Dietary counseling.
  • Skilled nursing staff to give advice and monitor your safety; regular blood pressure checks are taken.
  • Supplements as needed to keep up your strength and minimize adverse effects.
  • Specific designed slow moving exercise used during the sauna.
  • Towels and gowns and laundry service; these are cleaned in non-toxic detergents.
  • Showers with a shower filter.

Adjunctive treatments that can help to maximize sauna detoxification include the following:

Lymphatic exercises and massage



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