The 8 Day Cleanse

You are about to embark on an eight-day journey to better health!   

The 8-DAY NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE has several purposes:

Provides clues • Symptoms provide your practitioner with clues regarding the root cause of health problems.
• Reactions while on the cleanse can often times be traced to difficulties in the digestive tract, allergies, fungus or parasites or other issues.
Relieves allergies • The cleanse involves food and supplements, which are least likely to cause allergic reactions.
• Eliminating these allergens often produces a dramatic alleviation of symptoms.
Reduces Toxic
• Microorganisms, including parasites and fungus (candida), may cause a variety of symptoms.
• The Cleanse may reduce the population of these microorganisms by removing much of their food supply (sugars) and by setting up a hostile environment for these microbes.
Relieves cravings, and respiratory infection • Aloe Vera helps control microorganisms—such as yeast and pathogenic bacteria in the mouth and alimentary tract—thus avoiding upper respiratory tract infections and alleviating cravings for sweets.
• Use of healthful oils can relieve cravings for fatty foods by providing the cells with needed fatty acids
• Protein Powder can also reduce cravings.
on the
• By reducing the amount of allergens, fungus and parasites in the large and small intestines, the body’s defense system is able to deal more efficiently with other toxins, such as chemicals and metals.
Nutrition • The nutritional elements provided through foods and supplements are healthful and provide what is needed for the body to cleanse.
• Food intake may seem limited; however, the nutrient content is higher overall.
• The nutritional cleanse is feeding the cells of your body while neglecting the microorganisms.
Colon cleansing • The colon is cleansed by: 1) reduction of food intake; 2) use of non-mucus-forming foods and 3) use of oils and a fiber supplement.

To find out how you can participate in this challenge towards your well being…

Ask your Supplements Department Manager Jessica Anderson, about what you will need to complete the 8-Day Challenge.

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