We offer homeopathic treatment at our center. Homeopathy can be useful for many chronic conditions when necessary. It is used in addition to other treatments established by the individual treatment plans. Homeopathy is not very effective when heavy metals are present.

In homeopathy, a substance that in large quantities causes certain symptoms in healthy people can, in very tiny doses, relieve these same symptoms in sick people. For example, rhus toxicodendron, more commonly known as poison ivy, causes an itchy rash when it is encountered by most people. Yet a homeopathic preparation of rhus toxicodendron is often used to relieve an itchy rash from whatever cause.

The principle behind homeopathy, in which the remedies given can be so dilute that they contain few if any molecules of the original substance, yet repeatedly and predictably affect healing by showing the body that it is out of balance so the body tries to seek homeostasis. The fact that there is almost no actual substance involved also makes homeopathy very safe, unlike the case with drugs.

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