Detoxification is at the heart of what we do at Center for Advanced Medicine, as we have found that environmental, lifestyle, and dietary toxins are the most prevalent root causes of chronic illness.

Types of detoxification done at the Center include the following. In most cases more detail is provided in other write-ups under this Treatment heading, such as Detoxification Diet, Chelation, Colonics, and Sauna.

The Detoxification Diet/Cleanse

The detoxification diet is intended to be short-term, eight days in this case. The diet is relatively simple, and there is potential for dramatic improvement.  It is a combination of very specific foods, enzymes and supplements taken over an eight day period. It is designed to provide optimal nutrition so the body can utilize its own detoxification capabilities to the greatest extent possible.

Your physical reaction or lack of reaction, to doing this diet can provide the practitioner with valuable clues as to what is going on with you, and whether dietary factors are major players in your health issues.

What happens after the diet?

A maintenance diet will be provided by your practitioner.  A practitioner will go over your physical reactions to the detox, which will give your doctor valuable clues as to the next steps in your health journey.  A colonic is recommended after the detox to flush out toxins that have been released by the detox diet. This is where we utilize the second step in 7 Steps to Health.

Metal detoxification

Toxic heavy metals are a problem for many people with chronic health problems. The largest, but by no means the only, source of these is the mercury in dental fillings. Dental testing and evaluation can be done, and there are tests to determine to what extent metals is a problem for you. There is counseling regarding the safe removal of dental metals. Once metal fillings have been removed from the teeth, chelation can be done.

Sauna detoxification

The Center for Advanced Medicine has a complete detoxification sauna program available on the premises. Sauna is valuable for detoxifying harmful chemicals from the body, even when the exposure was years or even decades ago. These chemicals include pesticides, solvents, and drugs. more

Colonic detoxification

Colonics clean out the colon of old dietary waste and also help in the release of toxins from the liver. A colonic is especially valuable a day or two after some other type of detox is done, such as sauna, detox diet, chelation, or liver/gallbladder flush, as it aids in the removal of toxins released by the detox. more

Other types of detoxification

Protocols for a liver and gallbladder flush are available and provided when appropriate. Since the lungs and skin are detoxification organs, counseling on proper breathing and skin cleansing are available.

Counseling and books on Detox

Detoxification is of limited use if the influx of new toxins is not stopped or slowed down. Counseling on eliminating these is provided at the clinic.

Books written by Dr. Kellas and Dr. Andrea S. Dworkin discuss avoidance and elimination of toxins in detail. These books are the Toxic Twins books, the first of which is Surviving the Toxic Crisis and the second are Thriving in a Toxic World; the Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook; and the new Detox or Disease book.

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