Dr. Mark Drucker

Dr Mark DruckerMark Drucker, M.D., Co-founder, Medical Director

I am often asked why I, a Medical Doctor, decided to go into integrative medicine. Well, the answer is simple: I did it for the same reason that I became a Medical Doctor, to help people have happier healthier lives and also to ease pain and suffering.

I went to medical school at the University of Tennessee and received a wonderful education in “disease management”. I also learned how to effectively use drugs and surgery to save lives when people have acute medical crises. After my internship at the University of Missouri, when I was out in the “real world”, I soon found that most people do not have acute medical crises. Rather, most people have health imbalances, health conditions or simply did not feel well! I also realized that drugs did little to help these problems! For the most part, drugs are simply band aids to cover up or minimize the “symptoms” of the health problem and all too often they do not work well.

Fortunately, I began to learn that there are ways to help people achieve better health. I began to learn about the options and alternatives in health care. I learned and began to practice osteopathic and chiropractic medicine. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the absolute necessity of taking care of the structure of our bodies. This is one of the many great shortcomings of conventional medicine – it fails to give attention to the structure of the body. If something hurts, simply take a pill!

Next, I began to focus on the healing power of food, herbs and supplements. Realizing that much of what people commonly eat is lacking in nutrition. I soon began to better understand that much of illness is a result of improper nutrition.

Fortunately, and most certainly a blessing, in 1994 I began to practice with Dr. Kellas Ph.D. and Dr. Nelson N.D. There is no better way for a medical doctor to learn nutritional and integrative medicine than to work with these two dedicated and brilliant health professionals. I’ve learned in a few short years what it would normally take a lifetime to learn. Identifying and eliminating the root cause of illness is a common sense approach that gives the best results.

Over the years, I have honed my expertise in helping patients overcome chronic health problems. The only frustrating part is that it is just so simple and yet so many people suffer unnecessarily. I also specialize in preventive medicine, healthy aging and natural hormone therapies. We get people with health problems well, so imagine how easy it is to get healthy people more healthy!

I love to practice what I preach. I enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s and Jimbo’s and I’ve learned how to select the best organic foods at Costco. Hippocrates said “food shall be your medicine”, and I can tell you where to buy the best!! I practice healthy eating habits with my two daughters Whitney and Olivia. And, oh yes, they get their cod liver oil most every day!

I love what I do. I went into medicine to help people with their health and I found a system that truly works. It’s not about me, it’s about you. I can’t wait to help you on your journey to better health.

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