Health Talk: A Second Opinion Feb. 20, 2016

Dr. Bill Kellas is joined by Dan Anderson as they discuss healing disease by addressing the root cause. They discuss how simply treating symptoms will not allow the body to fully heal. Listen here to learn about the integration of different body systems and how they...

Health Talk: A Second Opinion Jan. 23, 2016

Dr. Bill Kellas is joined by Dr. Al Fallah as they discuss biologically compatible dentistry. They share the harmful effects of metals and other common materials used in traditional dentistry. Listen here to learn more! This program originally aired January 23, 2016...

The Skinny on Skin!

Skin problems? Look inside You might think that skin problems are on the surface, but most skin problems originate in your body, not just on your skin. A dermatologist – a skin doctor – might seem to be a logical place to start, but all too often such a doctor is...

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