Skin Problems and Care

A lifelong concern When you’re young, you may have pimples or acne. As you get older you may have various rashes and itches, or rough patches on your elbows, or athlete’s foot. After you pass a certain age, here come the wrinkles and skin tags and strange bumps and...

Skin Rashes

What’s that rash? You may have some sort of rash or skin condition. It might itch or hurt or not, it might last just days or you may have had it for years, it might be on your face or on your elbows, it may be bumpy or flat. What is it, and what can be done about it?...

The Skinny on Skin!

Skin problems? Look inside You might think that skin problems are on the surface, but most skin problems originate in your body, not just on your skin. A dermatologist – a skin doctor – might seem to be a logical place to start, but all too often such a doctor is...

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