Bone Up on Bone and Joint Health

There are things you can do to keep your bones and joints healthy. These include beneficial things like nutrients and exercise as well as things to avoid.   Things to avoid Fluoride is added to water to – in theory at least – boost the resistance of teeth to...

Bone and Joint Problems

Bones are just part of your body, invisible under your skin, supporting you and enabling you to stand and walk and lift things. Your joints connect bones and enable movement. But sometimes bones and joints get your attention by hurting or otherwise developing...

Health Talk: A Second Opinion Oct. 1, 2016

Dr. Bill Kellas is joined by Dr. Mark Drucker, Drake Kellas, and Dan Anderson as they discuss back aches! From common causes to the best treatments, listen here to learn more! This program originally aired Oct, 1, 2016 on KPRZ 1210AM in San...

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