Health Talk: A Second Opinion Sept. 17, 2016

Dr. Bill Kellas is joined by Dr. Dave Nelson as they discuss the link between sugar and chronic disease! The doctors discuss the 8-day cleanse as a great start to detox from sugar. Click the link to learn more! This program originally aired Sept. 17 , 2016 on KPRZ...

Living with Your Liver and Gallbladder

A crucial organ The liver is well named: you can’t live without it. The liver, which at three pounds is the largest organ in the body, is located on the right side above the waist. It is one of the major detoxifying organs in the body and also helps with digestion and...

The Kidneys

The two kidneys, bean-shaped organs each the size of a small fist, are just above the waist and towards the back of the body. They are part of the urinary and detoxification systems, filtering out waste products from the blood for elimination via urine. They also help...

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