Water pH test

Two weeks ago, our radio show focused on water.  After the show, one of our dear friends wrote and said she and her husband had done some experimenting.  She sent the following picture depicting the various pH values of different waters.  We found it very interesting...

The importance of water!

Water What’s summer without a refreshing dip in the pool? Or a nice cold glass of water? Or a cool shower at the end of a sweaty day? Not so fast – there are some nasty chemicals, some added deliberately, that can be in your water. Here are some of the things you...

Acupuncture Answers

ACUPUNCTURE: HOW WILL IT HELP ME?   How can acupuncture help you? Acupuncture is one of those mysterious Asian treatments that was done thousands of years ago.  So how can it help you, here in America, today? Acupuncture has stood the test of time for millennia...

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